Preparing for Your Trip and Travel Options

Congratulations on selecting North Coast Adventures for your upcoming hunt or fishing trip!  Please review the following information about getting here and preparing for your trip

Travel options to the M.V. Estero

Vancouver B.C. as your "Gateway to Canada": Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

  • via Commercial Airline : You will continue to Campbell River Airport (YBL) via Air Canada's partner airline Central Mountain Air or Pacific Coastal Airlines. Be sure to be ticketed on a thru-fare basis to Campbell River when making your original booking which usually saves you on costs. You will need to overnight in CR at either Painters' Lodge or the Coast Discovery Inn which is downtown. Request airport pick up when making your hotel booking. The next morning, you will depart from the Discovery Harbour Marina with Way West Coastal Ventures water taxi service on scheduled or charter basis depending on group size and our boat location. Sheduled floatplane service may also be a cost effective alternative.
  • via Car Rental - rent a car at Vancouver Int. Airport and drive to Campbell River. This option would cost a car rental, B.C.Ferries fare for vehicle and passengers and fuel. This option could include a day of sightseeing around Victoria and Vancouver Island. It takes about 4 hours to drive from Victoria to Campbell River and 2 hours from Nanaimo. Ferry options include Tsawwassen to Victoria or Tsawwassen or Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo.
  • depending on our vessel location, a high speed water taxi operated by Way West Coastal Ventures on a scheduled or charter basis is the most economical transport to our vessel for any size group, with no "excess baggage charges" or hidden costs.

.SEATTLE U.S.A. as your "GATEWAY TO CANADA" from SeaTac Intl., Boeing Field, Lake Washington

  • via Commercial Airline: you can fly Air Canada or its partners to Campbell River via a connecting flight thru Vancouver. Again, make sure your are ticketed on a thru-fare basis It's same day service but you will need to overnight in Campbell River and travel to our boat location the next morning via water taxi.,
  • via Kenmore Air by scheduled Floatplane Service departing from Lake Washington at 0900 am for a direct flight to our boat location. You will clear Canada Customs en route during a short stop in Nanaimo B.C. This option is available from mid-May to mid-September for an approximate cost of $460.00usd per person return. This is our recommended mode of travel to our location however baggage allowance is restricted to 24lbs per person with extra charges levied at $1.00us/lb.
  • via Kenmore Air by sheduled wheeled commuter plane from Boeing Field in Seattle to Campbell River Intl. Airport (YBL) during July and August only. They offer daily flights with extra afternoon flights from mid-July to Sept. You would need to take a water taxi to our boat location from Campbell River.
  • via NW Seaplanes by scheduled direct floatplane service during July and August only.
  • via Washington State Ferries to Victoria B.C. on Vancouver Island. This option would include a car rental in Seattle or Victoria, ferry fares and a 4 hour drive to Campbell River. A water taxi or floatplane would complete your trip to our boat location.

Recommended Travel Agent

Air Canada and its USA partners including NW Airlines offer discounted "Adventure Fares" to Campbell River. We have partnered with Canada One Travel Planners to offer these fares to our guests and make reservations using these special rates. Please click on their website for all your travel requirements and hotels,car rentals etc.

Adventure Fares and Travel Insurance.

Phone Numbers and Web Sites

Preparing for your trip

There are a few things to be aware of that will help to ensure a smooth trip. Please take the time to look through these links. 

Bank Transfer Information

Upon booking your trip we can provide wire account numbers:

North Coast Adventures Inc
PO Box 13, Site 52, RR # 2
Galiano , BC
V0N 1P0  Canada

Bank: Scotiabank

Branch: 2355 Beacon Ave., Sidney, BC V8L 3S6

Branch Telephone: (250) 655-2250

Branch Fax: (250) 665-2274

E-mail contact:

Equipment List


Our weather is not extreme and temperatures are mild with averages in the mid 50's being normal during both spring and fall hunts. Rainfall can be common and is the most important weather element to consider on your hunt. To be comfortable on your trip, your outer clothing can be normal dress for temperate hunting.


  • Waterproof Outer: coat, pants, gloves, and hat. Camo is not necessary. Helly Hansen type cloth raingear is excellent, especially with bibbed pants and hood - this is yachtsman type and readily available for boaters. Gortex is good but it can be overly expensive and too breathable.
  • Warm Inner: layered padded shirts, down vests, sweater, fleece pullover, jeans, wool pants or joggers, sweat shirt, long underwear, insulated and padded socks, warm hat with earflaps, gloves, earband.
  • Footwear: rubber knee-high boots, waterproof hiking boots, casual slip-ons with rubber soles, slippers. No waders necessary.


  • Firearm: 1 rifle, sighted in at 100 yds with waterproof and fogproof scope. I recommend 300 win mag or larger caliber with Barnes X, Winchester Failsafe or Federal Trophy Bonded bullets. 200 gr - 250 gr loads are best for bear at close range. Bring 1 or 2 boxes of ammo - new factory loaded and cycled.
  • Binoculars: 1 pr waterproof and fogproof - 8 x 40 or 7 x 35 - no spotting scope.
  • Camera: Waterproof digital or disposable is recommended. We have video.
  • Backpack: a small waterproof day pack is handy for hunting gear.
  • Guncase: hardcases are not viable on floatplanes, and are therefore left at the carrier for storage. Please bring a vinyl softcase with you.


Please travel "light" in regard to gear. Use several small duffel bags rather than one large one. Don't bring suitcases because they won't fit on the floatplanes, which also have weight restrictions of 24- 40 lb. per person.


Please advise me in advance of all medical conditions, dietary needs, or allergies. We recommend medical insurance for all trips, and also trip cancellation insurance for the full cost of your hunt.

Entry to Canada

Please ensure you have required documentation to travel to your hunt including proper identification, firearms permits, and airline baggage requirements post-9/11. It is your responsibility to contact your travel agent or airline before departure and obtain the correct information, permits, and international requirements for your trip. Hunters with any criminal record could be refused entry to Canada at the border including DUI convictions. View for further info or call 1-800-438-7020.

Discounted Airfares

Canada One can save you money and offer special insurance rates for hunters travelling to North Coast Adventures. Phone 1-866-401-9900 or see

Letter of Introduction and Intent of Importing Firearms for Hunting Clients

North Coast Adventures Inc
PO Box 13, Site 52, RR # 2
Galiano , BC
V0N 1P0  Canada

To Whom it May Concern,

I, Peter Klaui, am a Guide-Outfitter licenced by the Province of British Columbia under the Wildlife Act to operate guided big game hunts within my Licenced Territory # 100623 for non-resident hunters. Some of these hunters will be bringing their own firearms, ammunition, knives, and hunting equipment with them to Canada. I have supplied them with relevant information regarding the requirement to obtain a "Non-resident Firearms Declaration" (CAFC 909EF / 910EF) required by law to bring their "long guns" into Canada for hunting, and have it completed without their signature when they arrive at the first Canada Customs port of entry, where they will be required to sign the declaration, and pay the fee of $25 CDN to import the firearm.

I have also documented their need to obtain a temporary resident permit if they have ever been convicted of any crime, no matter the length of time that has passed. This includes DUI convictions, narcotics, etc. Anyone who has a past criminal conviction should contact Canada Border Crossing Services at (204) 488-6350 or toll-free in the US at 1-800-438-7020, or see their web site at

Travel to Canada & Criminal Records

U.S. CITIZENS (Landed Immigrants or Citizens of Foreign Countries)

You are ineligible to travel to Canada if you have been convicted of any crime. No matter the length of time that has passed, all convictions will render you inadmissible to Canada. Youth convictions will not be considered. Entry to Canada at any port (land, air or water) may be denied unless the traveller holds a valid permit The permit may be valid up to 2 years and allows visitors entrance into Canada for vacation or business purposes. However, this pass does not allow one to establish residency in Canada.


This document allows multple entries into Canada at any port for a period of 1 or 2 years. This pass is valid for vacation or business travel. It is not authorization to work in Canada for a Canadian employer. A Temporary Resident Permit can take 3 weeks or up to 6 months to process. This document, when approved, is mailed to your residence. It must be produced upon making entry at the port when crossing.


Rehabilitation is proof to the Canadian government that you have led a stable lifestyle with little indication that there will ever be any involvement in further criminal activity. You qualify for rehabilitation five years upon completion of the sentence. This rehabilitation is permanent approval of admissibility to Canada. This pass never needs to be renewed. It is valid for multiple entries at any port. The length of stay is subject to approval by Canadian Immigration officers. Rehabilitation may take up to one year to process. As this waiting period is lengthy, it is advisable to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit first.


  • complexity of application forms
  • knowledge of filing information required
  • fee must be submitted with each application. If application is incorrectly completed, it is returned to you non-refundable
  • fees are more affordable (law firm rates are double or higher)
  • contacts with local, state and federal authorities
  • on-line services & processing


  • initial interview
  • acceptance criteria established
  • completion of appropriate documents
  • verification of offense
  • application to Canadian Authorities
  • waiting period for a Temporary Resident Permit is 3 weeks to 6 months. Rehabilitation can take up to 12 months

Canada One Travel Planners

The Outdoor Adventure Airfare Specialists

471 Warsaw Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  R3L 0R2             

Tel: 1-866-401-9900  Fax: (204)287-8095



North Coast Adventures and Canada One Travel Planners     have partnered to offer complete one stop travel service to all guests.

Canada One Travel Planners is appointed by Air Canada and Northwest Airlines to promote and sell their Adventure Airfare programs. With airline trained staff and leading edge technology they are ready to assist you with an “Adventure of a Lifetime”.

Sample Adventure Airfares:


  • San Francisco - Vancouver: $287 USD
  • Houston - Vancouver: $358 USD
  • Las Vegas - Vancouver: $287 USD
  • Los Angeles - Vancouver: $314 USD

Stopover in Vancouver for $50 USD. Note: All airfares exclude airport fees and taxes.

Sportsman's Travel Insurance

We are pleased to offer complete insurance coverage specifically created for our adventure traveler. Visit the website at for more information. Here are a few details:

  • Pre-existing Condition Exclusion Waiver  if you purchase our Sportsman’s Travel Insurance Plan within 15 days of making your initial lodge payment.
  • $2500: Sportsman’s Equipment & Personal Effects reimburses you if your luggage is lost, damaged or stolen while you are on your trip.
  • $50,000: Medical Expenses covers necessary medical expenses up to one year after the sickness or injury, provided you sought initial medical treatment within 1 day of the accident or onset of sickness.

For more information contact