Deluxe Saltwater Fishing Packages

Designed for serious sports fishers in groups of 4/6 persons aboard the MV Estero. Fully guided ocean trolling for trophy King salmon (also known as Chinook Salmon, Springer's or Tyee) in our 17 ft. fishing machines with a guide and two fishers per boat. Packages can include up to 8 hours of fishing per day for all species of Pacific Salmon during peak season in July and August. Trip can include fishing for rockfish, Dungeness Crab and Spotted Prawns. All fishing gear, tackle, bait and fish care is supplied. Package includes all meals, accommodations, beverages, beer and wine with meals. Experienced and professional guides and crew help to ensure your success.

Cruiser-style downrigger trolling aboard a 22ft Cuddy Cabin is also available for 4 person groups all fishing together. 

Land-based accommodations are also available at a Resort/Marina complex offering standard and deluxe self-contained accommodations, restaurant meals or self service cuisine.  Great for families and can be combined with land or water based wildlife viewing, hiking, and beach combing.

3 Day Yacht Salmon Fishing Package

  • 3 Days/2 Nights - 20 hours of guided fishing in 17ft boats
  • 4 fisher rate $2,600 cdn per person + 5% GST - 4 person minimum
  • 6 fisher rate $2,400 cdn per person + 5% GST - 6 person maximum
  • Float plane or water taxi service will be needed to yacht location at additional cost of $180cdn to $250cdn return per person using Campbell River B.C. as your point of embarkation
  •  Larger groups can be accommodated in combination with our partner lodge or rental facility and additional guided boats
  • Non-fishing guests are welcome aboard or can be accommodated at our land based facilities nearby.
  • This fishing adventure can also include wild-life viewing, angling for trout on rivers and lakes, small boat cruising.
  • Great family adventure when combined with above options for non-fishers.
  • Fish can be commercially smoked, processed, or canned and shipped directly to your home by UPS / DHL

5 Day Yacht Salmon Fishing Package

This fishing adventure is designed for the diehard sports fisherman who wants a total Salmon Fishing experience for Pacific Salmon of all species.  Angling will be with light tackle, using barbless hooks and Fenwick/Abu 7000 gear on a downrigger.  You may catch and release or take a maximum of 8 Salmon home with you.  Lingcod and rockfish are also available.

  • 5 Days/4 Nights- 32 hours of guided fishing in 17ft boats
  • 4 fisher rate $4,100.00 cdn per person + 5 % GST
  • 6 fisher rate $3,900cdn per person + 5% GST
  •  Float plane or water taxi service will be needed to yacht location at additional cost of $180cdn to $250cdn return per person from Campbell River B.C. which is your point
    of embarkation. Fly-in or boat in to our anchored location. Seattle connection via Kenmore Air’s daily scheduled service from Lake Washington.
  • Larger groups can be accommodated in combination with our partner lodge or rental facility and additional guided boats Which can include a 22ft cuddy cabin cruiser with head at an additional cost of $50.00 per minimum 4 hour trip. This adventure could also include freshwater angling on rivers or lakes, wild-life viewing and small boat adventure cruising.
  • Your catch can be commercially processed and frozen, smoked and vacuum -packed or canned and shipped directly to your home by UPS / DHL .
  • Kenmore Air from Lake Washington in Seattle is the preferred method of Travel from the USA with direct Floatplane service daily to The MV Estero and your fishing Adventure. They are your direct connection to our area with bookings made to BLIND CHANNEL RESORT & MARINA as your destination

3 Day Resort Adventure Package

This adventure is ideal for 4 person families, clubs, naturalists, photographers and outdoors people who enjoy non-regimented activities that can vary each day of the adventure.  A trip for all ages and interests combined into one package!

Trip can include 3 separate adventure options of 4-8 hours duration each:

A. 4 hours of guided fishing and small boat cruising

B. 4 hours of wildlife viewing and cruising by boat.  Typically we will observe Orca Whales, Porpoises, Eagles, Sea Ducks and Bear.

C. 8 hour guided "4wd Suburban Safari" land and water based wildlife adventure and photography with field lunch.  Travel by boat to a nearby coastal river valley then load up and 4wd inland some 25km into the rugged Coastal Mountains and view the wildlife, majestic scenery, and the Coastal Rainforest.  Have lunch on the "Million Dollar Bridge" 60 ft above a glacial salmon river.  Observe Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Mountain Goats, birds -including Bald Eagles, Herons, Sea Ducks and more.  All in their natural habitat.  Photograph it all!

  • 3 Days/ 2 Nights- 16 hours of guided fishing / wildlife viewing / angling
  • Main Facility is 4-star Marina / Resort Complex on the "Inside Passage" with a 40 boat Marina, fuel, and moorage with 30 and 50 amp power, restaurant, etc. Click here for full website with all details.
  • Meals included - a $200 restaurant / bar facility credit-voucher per person at the 4-star Gourmet Restaurant specializing in local seafood cuisine, European Entrees, continental breakfasts prepared for your fridge, BBQ lunches on the waterfront patio and packaged box lunches. Resort facilities include a general store with fresh produce, groceries, dry goods, seafood, liquor, beer and wine. Activities include hiking trails, lawn sports, your own BBQ, beach access, and laundry facilities.
  • 2 person rate - July 1st to August 31st - peak season - $2,100cdn per person - 2 person minimum with private waterfront cottage for accommodation which is completely self-contained.
  • 4 person rate - July 1st to August 31st - peak season - $1,900cdn per person - 4 person minimum for private home accommodation or 3 persons for cottage.
  • 6 person rate - July 1st to August 31st - peak season -$1,700cdn per person - 5 person minimum includes accommodation in a private home on the waterfront which rents for $450.00dn per night!
  • Special shoulder season rates reduced by 20% off the peak season rates :May 15th - June 15th - spring time - early King salmon and trout, peak black Bear and nature- viewing. Sept 1st - Dec 1st - fall season - northern coho, Mature Kings and peak chum fishing, Grizzly bear viewing on rivers. Restaurant is closed. However, custom meals on request on a daily European plan. Self-cooking can also be arranged!
  • Extended stay with extra days at Resort can be arranged in advance upon initial booking at reduced rates.
  • GST tax at 5% applies to all the above packages.
  • Customized adventures available and can include glacier heli-touring, angling, big boat cruising, river jet-boating, canoeing and kayaking at additional rates.
  • Resort Water taxi service is available throughout the entire season return to Campbell River B.C. and other options are also available including Floatplane service and commercial water taxi.
  • Kenmore Air from Lake Washington in Seattle is the preferred method of travel from the USA with direct Floatplane service daily to your fishing Adventure. Kenmore is your direct connection to our area with all bookings made to BLIND CHANNEL RESORT as your destination. They will also make your Seattle reservation and have airport shuttle available.

Freshwater Angling Adventures

Fish for Trout, Salmon, Steelhead in Rivers and Lakes

Southern Zone - South of Knights Inlet - Rivers in Regions 1 and 2 and Area 13 for Saltwater Angling

1. Phillips ,Southgate and Homathco, Orford, Toba, Brem, Quatum Rivers - Region 2-14, 2-13 and 2-15 - Trout, Salmon, Steelhead.
- Catch and release only in streams, single barbless hook and general regulations apply for cutthroat and all 5 species of Pacific Salmon in season. Some steelhead opportunities requires conservation stamp. These rivers and their tributaries offer excellent fly and artificial bait fishing for cutthroat and Dolly Varden April - November and Salmon from August to November.

2. Stafford, Apple, Tuna, Fulmore Rivers - Region 1-15 - All under "general regulations". for trout and all Pacific Salmon species.

3. Stafford, Hemming, Florence, Phillips, Fulmore, Seabird Lakes - Region 1-15, 2-15. " general regulations" for non-tidal lakes. Trout- cutthroat, rainbow, dolly varden, catch and release, no bait, single barbless, can keep 2 from lakes no minimum size but only 1 over 50cm. and all dolly varden released.

Freshwater Angling for trout by fly or spin casting on ultra-lite tackle starts early April and goes right through the summer into November and even later in some rivers. Salmon enter the river systems as early as mid-July with early Chinooks and summer chums and are followed by pinks, fall Chinooks, sockeye, then northern coho and late chums which are available till late November
You can fish the river estuaries at high tide for sea-run cuts and dollies throughout the spring, summer and fall! The lakes are also a year round source for trout angling with many offering great float-tubing, raft-fishing, and small boat angling and shore casting!

4.Southern Zone Resort Based Angling Adventures - These are custom trips designed for you and your interests

1. Angling rates are the same as Resort Adventure rates above with same accommodation options, and can be combined with other adventures
2. Blind Channel Resort and Marina will be destination point with same "travel to options".
3. Fly-in Angling and Touring options are available but require floatplane or helicopter time quoted and calculated hourly at additional costs.

Northern Zone - North of Knight Inlet - Region 1 only includes 1-14 and 1-15 and AREA 12 for Salwater Angling

1. Kakweiken, Wakeman, Kingcome, Seymour, Ahta Rivers and many smaller creeks and streams for Trout, Salmon, Steelhead! The first four Rivers are Class II rivers requiring special licensing for anyone wishing angling opportunities as well as Steelhead Conservation stamps. These rivers are steelhead bearing for both winter and summer runs. All other creeks and streams are under "general regulations" and quotas for Region I. Salmon are present in these river systems in the late summer and fall only. Trout are year-round inhabitants. Steelhead April thru June in Wakeman River along with good trout and sea-run "cuts".

2. Kakweiken, Huaskyn, MacKenzie, Viola, Tom Browne, Frazer and many smaller Lakes for trout and salmon. We promote "catch and release", single barbless
hooks. best fishing during the spring and summer months with fall emphasis on salmon.

3. Endless small creeks and streams can also offer excellent opportunities for trout and salmon angling all season.

4. Resort Based Angling Adventures - trips can include saltwater Salmon, Halibut, ground-fish, and Wildlife Viewing, 4wd touring.

1. Blackfish Lodge family owned floating retreat will be your destination point with "travel to options" with Kenmore Air and North West Seaplanes from Seattle or access from Port McNeill on Vancouver Island via Pacific Eagle Aviation which uses Port Hardy Airport as a "gateway
from Vancouver B.C." by commercial air carrier. Campbell River B.C. can also be used as your "gateway" via Vancouver Island Air floatplane service.

2. Rates: are based on double occupancy (minimum 2 persons) with a maximum Lodge Capacity of six persons with children over 10 yrs. welcome.
Base rate is $695.00usd per day per person with special family and group rates possible seasonally. Single persons add 30% surcharge.
Adventures can also include wildlife viewing, saltwater angling, small boat cruising, hiking the Rainforest, and 4wd "Suburban" Safaris.

3. Fly- in Angling and touring options are available but require floatplane or helicopter time charged hourly at additional costs.

4. Angling and Saltwater fishing licenses are available at the lodge upon your arrival. All tackle, bait, waders, raingear etc is supplied. for complete website information, photos and fishing options.