Coastal Grizzly Bear Boat Hunts

Meet the Apple River Bear

SCI Number One Grizzly BearNorth Coast Adventures proudly announces another World Record Bear taken in our area! 

The new #1 SCI Canadian Common Grizzly was harvested in spring 2008 by Spanish hunter Gabriel Perez Maura Garcia. 

This mammoth boar scored 26 12/16".  He is currently ranked #13 all-time for North America!

Spring Combo Hunt - April 1 to May 31

We offer limited hunts for Spring Coastal grizzly in combination with black bear and wolf. These trips are conducted along the mainland coastline and its river estuaries. Bears migrate to the coastal beaches and grassy estuaries in the spring while the upper valleys and alpine are still snow laden.

When bear sign is spotted in a specific area, several days may be spent in the area to harvest the animal by patiently setting up in a blind and glassing. Grizzlies are unpredictable, fearless and the ultimate challenge to the seasoned Trophy Hunter. Coastal grizzly bear reach maturity at 5 to 7 years of age and attain tremendous size, ranging from 700 to 1,000 pounds with hides squaring 8 to 10 feet. Skull measurements average 23" with exceptional bears exceeding Boone and Crockett All Time requirements of 24". The largest B&C scored boar killed in our area was harvested by Harry Leggett Jr. on the Wakeman River in 1980 and scored 26 13/16", a Boone and Crockett World Record that presently ranks #6 hunter killed. In 2008, twenty-eight years later, Gabriel Perez-Maura Garcia from Spain harvested another great bear in our area. The "Apple River Bear" SCI common grizzly scored 26 12/16" SCI and is the pending new Canadian #1 for SCI and #13 All-Time. Grizzly populations are stable with minimal hunting pressure by resident hunters, which are managed by a "Lottery Draw" system. We offer only two Spring Grizzly Combo Hunts per year, which must be booked years in advance.

Fall Combo Hunt - Oct 1 to Nov 15

Spring Grizzly Bear with 24" skull.  800lbs and 8'6" square

We offer clients an opportunity to hunt Fall grizzly in combination with Black bear, Columbia Blacktail Bucks and wolf. These hunts are conducted along rivers during active salmon spawning. Bears are concentrated on salmon streams where abundant fish offer natural "bait" luring bears from afar. Typical hunting involves Spot and Stalk techniques with emphasis on glassing large sandbars and confluences of feeder streams and side channels off the main rivers. The bears are in their prime and often weigh 200 Ibs. more than in the spring. Hunts require patience and perseverance rather than stamina or physical ability . Average marksmanship with .338 or larger caliber rifle equipped with a good waterproof and fog proof variable scope using Winchester Fail-Safe or Federal Barnes X bullets are basic requirements. We offer six Fall Hunts per year and usually require two-year in advance booking.

The Hunting Area

North Coast Adventures' exclusive outfitting area is comprised of over 7,000 square miles of the Coast Range Mountains situated adjacent to Vancouver Island.  This remote country is inaccessible from the interior of British Columbia by road, which virtually eliminates local hunting pressure.  Using the combination of our 60 foot yacht, unsinkable skiffs and Suburbans that we barge in, we can access even the most remote of locations.


Pricing and License Details

Spring Grizzly Bear Combo (April 15 to May 31 ): 1 Grizzly Limit / 2 Black Bear limit:

  • 7 day hunt requires average physical ability - hiking at sea level
  • Hunt includes one coastal grizzly, one coastal black bear, and one wolf
  • Cost: $20,000 US +$1,000 tax per grizzly hunter - minimum 2 hunters, or a single hunter may be possible with 3 black bear hunters booked on the same hunt at the rate of $8,000 US+ $480 tax per hunter for one black bear and one wolf, 2 x 1 guided
  • Additional Trophy Fee payable of $4,000 US + $240 tax per Grizzly Bear "wound or kill"
  • No Trophy Fee for wolf -. Optional second black bear can be harvested with additional $3,000 + 6% tax "wound or kill".
  • Cougar option with species license trophy fee $2,000 US + 5% tax "wound or kill"
  • Hunt will be guided 1x1 for grizzly with outfitter also available as additional guide for additional hunters or observers
  • Observer rate of $3,500 US + $175 tax

Fall Grizzly Bear Combo (Oct I to Nov 15) 1 Grizzly Limit / 2 Blacks / 2 Bucks / 3 Wolves

  • Hunt conducted along salmon spawning rivers
  • Hunt requires low physical ability - walking and 4-wd travel to blinds to spot and stalk
  • Hunt includes 8 days / 7 nights for one grizzly, one black bear, one Columbia black-tail buck, and one wolf
  • Cost: $18,000 US + $900 tax each hunter - minimum 2 hunters - 1x1 guided
  • Additional Trophy fee of $4,000 US + $200 tax per grizzly bear "wound or kill"
  • No T.F. of $3,000 for second black bear - no T.F. for wolf
  • T.F. of $1,000 US + $50 tax for second buck + $134 Cdn species license
  • Combo hunter rate of $10,000 US + $500 tax - 2x1 guided for 1 BB, 1 buck, and wolf
  • Non-hunter rate of $3,500 US + $175 tax applies per observer with 2 grizzly hunters
  • Mtn. Goat option may be possible in some areas until Nov. 30th for $9,000 US + $450 tax
  • Cougar option as incidental harvest also possible. T.F. $3,000 US + $150 tax + $246 Cdn species license
  • Migratory Wingshooting for seaducks available after Oct 7th - requires $17 Cdn license


Hunts to be booked with a 60% deposit and on a space available basis, (phone for available dates.) All rates based on a minimum number of hunters per hunt. Non-resident hunting license fee and GOABC preservation fund $305.00 Cdn plus species tags in Cdn funds, plus PST tax of 7% as follows:

  • Black Bear------------species license each-------------$180 Cdn - bag limit 2
  • Mountain Goat-------species license each-------------$350 Cdn - limit 1
  • Cougar-----------------species license each------------ $230 Cdn - limit 2
  • Columbian Blacktail------species license each------------ $125 Cdn - limit 2
  • Grizzly Bear-----------species license each------------- $1030 Cdn - limit 1
  • Wolf---------------------species license each-------------$50 Cdn - limit 3
  • Migratory Bird--------hunting license each--------------$17 Cdn annual
  • Upland Game Bird--hunting license each--------------$50 Cdn annual
  • 7% PST Tax is applicable on all license fees
  • Non-resident angling license $41 Cdn (5 days) saltwater
  • Non-resident angling license $20 Cdn /day freshwater
  • Hunts may include Salmon, Halibut, and Trout fishing.
  • Non-Hunter / Observer Rates $300 US per day per person
  • 5% Goods and Services Tax is applicable on all our hunt fees.